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  • What is it?

    Bugasport is a world wide sports groups network, that creates connections among its members - it's fun and easy to use!

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  • How does it work?

    You just have to subscribe to a group to be notified whenever someone creates an event, game or meeting. Then, just decide if you are going to participate in that event.

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  • Groups

    You can connect to a group and choose if you want to participate in its' activities. Or you can create a group, which can be public or private, and manage your members, encouraging them to create events.

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  • Events

    If you prefer, create your events and challenge the members of your group to participate.
    You can bring guests to your events and, at the end, share photos and avaluate the record of each group element.

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  • Sports

    Our focus is on the practice of a group sport, motivation, and sharing sports accomplishments - so all types of sport are important to us.

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  • Rankings

    The more you participate, the higher your ranking! 
Only then will you be evaluated, and be able to vote in the participants' groups games or meets.

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